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2023-2024 Classes

We offer a variety of classes to meet every student's passion and needs. We are dedicated to helping each and every student grow through dance.

A $25 Non-Refundable Registration Fee is due at the time of registration.

Students ages 3-8: Please register for one of the classes below: 

Creative Movement: Ages 3-4

Pre Ballet: Ages 5-6

Ballet I: Ages 7-9

Ballet II: Ages 8 and up

Tap Beginner: Ages 5-8

Hip Hop Beginner and Jazz Beginner classes: Ages 7 and up

In order to be in the student performance you must attend a minimum of the following:

Ballet III: 2 Ballet classes per week

Ballet IV: 3 classes per week

Ballet V/VI: 4 classes per week

Ballet VIB/VII: 4 classes plus 1 pointe

Pre-Pro 1 & 2: Must attend all regular classes plus a pre-pro class once per week

Pre-Pro 3 & 4 : Must attend all regular classes including pointe intermediate and pre-pro 3 & 4 classes. It is strongly recommended that this level take the Stretch and Strength/Yoga for Dancers.

Placement classes and previous training are required for the following:​

Ballet III, IV, V, VI, VIB, VII: Based on experience

Pre-Pointe is recommended for Ballet III and up

Pointe and Pre-Professional Classes are Teacher Recommended only

Tap Intermediate and Advanced are Teacher Recommended only

*Yoga, Stretch and Strength, Modern, and Contemporary Classes: Ballet 4 and up

5-year-old students are eligible for Pre-Ballet and Tap Beginner ONLY. 

New students ages 3-8: Please register for the classes above based on your student's age. 

New students that are 9 years old or older: Please schedule a dance level evaluation through the office so that we can place them into an appropriate dance level.

**Click the picture of the schedule to see a larger version**
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