25 years ago, Kathleen Rathbun, founder and Artistic Director of Ballet and Dance of Upstate NY, Inc. wanted to create a space for dancers who shared a passion and eagerness to learn dance. She didn’t want her school to replica the many other schools of just attending class and performing in a yearly recital; but instead, a school that allowed students to be mentored, inspired by professionals, and fully immersed into the art of dance.


Over the past 25 years, Ballet and Dance has become Upstate New York’s most prominent and premier school for ballet and dance training. Offering the highest quality of teaching in Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and Tap; Kathleen Rathbun’s Artistic staff provides students with the tools to become professionals in the dance world. Rathbun’s unique, teaching style not only embodies the significance of technique, discipline, detail and musicality; but it motivates her students to become profound in their own artistic voices. Whether or not her students decide to pursue dance professionally, the skills they’ve acquired through her style of training will enrich and prepare them for their chosen avenues of success.