REGULAR ATTENDANCE is very important. If a student misses four or more classes a quarter without making them up, he/she will be dropped to a lower level until makeups are completed. If a student misses four or more classes during the 3rd & 4th quarter the student WILL NOT be able to participate in the Student Performance at the end of the year. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS, unless otherwise authorized. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED CLASSES.


WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASSES can only occur if a student has a signed doctor’s note. Our Registration Form signs your student up for classes for the entire school calendar year. If withdrawal is desired by any student without a doctor’s note, all fees for the quarter must be paid, NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not prorate for classes already attended. 


A student may only register for EXTRACURRICULAR CLASSES, such as tap, modern, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, etc, if they are enrolled in at least one ballet class. 


A student can only perform in the STUDENT PERFORMANCE with their designated ballet level if they are taking all the class sections for that level. The use of cell phones, including texting, photographic and recording equipment is strictly prohibited throughout all performances. Violators will be escorted out of the theater.


CANCELLATION OF CLASSES due to inclement weather will be announced on our social media pages. An email notification will also be sent from the school. 


Ballet and Dance is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for its students. Ballet and Dance understands that BULLYING creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation which is distracting from our mission and may lead to more serious issues of violence. Ballet and Dance will not tolerate bullying whether it is verbal, electronic, written or physical and regardless whether it takes place in the ballet studio, theater or social media. Anyone who witnesses or experiences any act of bullying by a B&D student should report it to their teacher immediately. All complaints of bullying will be investigated and addressed.