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The Ballet and Dance of Upstate NY Pre-Professional Training is a comprehensive and intensive dance training program designed for serious and dedicated dancers who aspire to achieve a high level of skill and proficiency in ballet and other dance styles. This program aims to prepare dancers for potential careers in dance or higher education in dance. To be considered please reach out to us for an audition.

Key features of the program include:​

  • Exclusivity: Designed for committed and passionate dancers who are serious about their training, offering a more specialized and rigorous approach compared to standard dance training programs.

  • High-Level Training: The program is structured to provide dancers with the highest level of training, some levels will train six days a week.

  • Classical Ballet and Pointe: The core of the training is focused on classical ballet and pointe work (if applicable to your level). Daily classes in these disciplines suggest a strong commitment to building a solid foundation in traditional dance techniques.

  • Performance Opportunities: Dancers in this program may have the chance to perform in selected productions with Syracuse City Ballet. This experience can be invaluable for dancers looking to gain practical stage experience and showcase their skills.

  • Versatility: While the program emphasizes classical ballet, it also encourages dancers to explore and train in a variety of dance styles, including Variations, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Stretch/Strength, Pilates, and Yoga. This approach aims to create well-rounded and versatile dancers who can excel in different genres.

  • Career Preparation: Our program benefits all dancers especially those who are considering pursuing dance as a career or furthering their dance education at the college level. By providing intensive training and performance opportunities, the program may help dancers develop the skills and portfolio necessary for future success.

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